Comic Book of “Laser girl: On the hunt for the killer germ”
Cardboard cut-out of a historic man for the city history museum Pössneck.
Season programme for the theatres of the city Halle
Illustration of an otter on a busy road for the German environmental organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe.
Brochure for the Thuringian state association of health promotion and services.
A flyer which is illustrated by sandruschka is on top of a light blue background.

You want to …

... draw attention to an important issue?

Development and implementation of the “Rubbish Reader” for the World Cleanup Day

Task: The World Clean Up Day (WCD) is the biggest bottom-up citizens’ movement for the end of pollution and plastic waste. To get closer to the big goal of mobilising at least 5% of the world’s population on the day of action, the sponsoring organisation “Let’s do it! Germany e.V.” mainly targets pupils in Germany with the campaign “World Cleanup macht Schule”.

Strategy & implementation: As a result of a kick-off workshop with the clients and teachers, who had already gained experience with the WCD, the idea of the “rubbish reader” arose – an appealingly illustrated, practical handout for the pocket that delivers convincing arguments and a step-by-step instruction to pupils and organisers – from the kick-off meeting to the documentation and reflection. Sandruschka developed, among other things, the concept design, contents for texts and images, personas for the different areas of responsibility and the key visual for the campaign. At the same time, sticker sheets, postings and modular illustrated elements were created for social media: everything that is needed to generate attention and response. It’s a matter of honour that the team itself pitches in on the scene on the third Saturday in September, to clear Weimar of plastic waste. With almost 300.000 participants in over 5.000 events throughout Germany and 20 million participants worldwide, the World Cleanup Day 2022 proved to have been the biggest one until now.

Special features of the project: Target-group-specific concept and design for pupils and teachers – field test of the prototypes at schools in the region prior to finalisation – professional support for honorary engagement – stimulating address


Client: Let’s Do It! Germany e. V.

Concept, design and illustration

... explain complex content in an understandable way?

Illustration for the world peace service in little planet style
Illustration of a man holding the logo of the world peace service
Illustration of a woman holding an apple, a bottle, a loaf of bread and a smartphone
Illustration of a man holding multiple shopping bags, an avocado and an apple. He is walking through rain puddles.

Interactive Website for the Campaign “act4change” by the Weltfriedendienstes (World Peace Service)

Task: The Weltfriedendienst (World Peace Service), founded in 1959, is one of the oldest NGOs in Germany. Together with local community partners, the Weltfriedendienst stands for peace, human rights and sustainable development. To be able to continue their important work, the WFD must master the following challenges:

  • Mobilize a new, engaged generation
  • Establish a stronger presence and position in the digital realm
  • Compensate for the lack of direct contact with students due to the pandemic

Strategy and implementation: For the WFD to reach a younger target group, we developed a landing page for the act4change campaign that deals with the key topic of water in a clear and playful way – without being condescending. In line with the campaign title act4change, visitors are already presented with four offers on the homepage to move from passive reading to active action – e.g. through challenges and content to share on social media. Where possible and appropriate, information is conveyed clearly using illustrations and animated explanatory films. The messages are formulated clearly, compactly and pictorially.

Specialities of the project: communicating complex content clearly | developing a younger audience | captivating storytelling


Client: Weltfriedensdienst (World Peace Service) – NGO, 2020

Concept, story, illustration, animation, web design, text production, programming

... authentically communicate with a young audience?

Comic Book of “Laser girl: On the hunt for the killer germ”
Sandruschka and Lavinia Meier-Ewert in a laboratory with a cardboard cut-out of laser girl.
Cutting of the open Laser Girl comic book.
Cutting of the open Laser Girl comic book.
Cutting of the open Laser Girl comic book.
Sandruschka with a cardboard cut-out of laser girl.

Graphic novel as a medium for innovative science communication

Task: A research team at the Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technologies (IPHT) has discovered how laser light can be used to detect life-threatening sepsis – colloquially known as “blood poisoning” – more quickly and thus treat it better than is currently possible. Now they were looking for a suitable way to communicate this scientific achievement to the public beyond the narrow circle of the scientific community.

Strategy and Implementation:

With our plentiful experience in the field of scientific communication, as well as numerous successful projects with medical partners in our repertoire (such as Comics for Waldklinikum Gera and for the children’s anesthesia ward at the Jena University Hospital), Team sandruschka was immediately passionate about this project. The narrative of a hero’s story for the comic became clear during the visits in the laboratories and talks with researchers. That is how the idea for the protagonist Laser Girl was developed, whose superpowered light (as a metaphor for photonic technologies) saves humanity from an extreme danger. All relevant details about the topic of sepsis and the functions of the diagnostic methods were translated into memorable images and parts of a demonstrative, thrilling story, made comprehensive for all, which delved deeper into the material that was created.

Specialities of the project: communicating complex content effectively | reaching a younger audience | formatting scientific content into story form | empowerment through a female superhero


Client: Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, 2020

Conceptualisation and implementation of a graphic novel, including story development and character building

... build visual competencies your company?

Sandruschka with a laptop in front a flipchart board.
Sandruschka on a computer screen.
Sandruschka is writing on a desk. In the background is a black board and a flipchart board.
Sandruschka is drawing on paper. In the background are pens, a scissor and other pieces of paper.
In the foreground is a flipchart with an illustration. In the background Sandruschka is drawing on the blackboard.

Whole day workshop: flip chart fever in the digital space

Task: AGETHUR connect together all those who help shape health on a daily basis. In addition to professional know-how, skills in facilitation and visualization are increasingly in demand. These skills play an important role in making events and working sessions more interesting. sandruschka was commissioned to develop these skills among the staff in a workshop.

Strategy and Implementation: Before the seminar began, AGETHUR received a package with pens and teaching materials so that all participants could play an active role. The focus of the full-day seminar was then based on structured step-by-step instructions for the creative design of flipcharts. To keep concentration high, we relied on a mix of methods: there was informative input, writing exercises with worksheets, wanted posters were designed and a booklet was created as individual documentation. Because the workshop took place in the digital space and the work situation was new territory for many participants, we took the opportunity to teach artistic and digital skills at the same time.

Special features of the project: very short-term conversion from a face-to-face to an online format

Client: AGETHUR – Landesvereinigung für Gesundheitsförderung (National Institute for Health Development), 2020

Online full-day workshop to teach skills in facilitation and visualization on the flipchart

... make processes and development visible?

Photograph of a laptop. Next to it is a computer mouse and a digital pen.
Illustration of the principle of empowerment
Illustration of adult education and social work with a man and woman talking to each other.
Illustration of a person holding a sprout. Above the person is the text “People always have potential”
Illustration of an entry way of the German charitable organization. On the left-hand side is a table with a family playing a board game. In the middle foreground two children are playing on the floor. To the right a woman is walking with a folder in her hand. In the foreground on the right another woman is organizing a rack of clothes. In the background are people entering and leaving the entry way. In the middle of the illustration is a woman with a suitcase and a roll of paper.
Illustration of a man being flooded by a wave. The wave contains of pieces of paper, numbers, symbols and a screen.

Illustrated presentation and graphic recording for a digital trade day in a hybrid format

Task: The Thüringer Volkshochschulverband and the Caritas planned a trade day around the topic of literacy. Background: 6.2 million adults in Germany cannot properly read and write and are therefore excluded from society. The long-term goal of the cooperation is to abolish the divide between adult education and social work, to bring strength and competence together, as well as spreading awareness about adult education. For this purpose, a digital trade day in a hybrid format was planned: with a core team at the location and participants who joined online. The visualisation was used to assist in transporting the content compactly and clearly.

Strategy & implementation: In preliminary discussions, we first “underpinned” the technical input to develop a feel for the topic and the needs of the stakeholders. This resulted in a communication strategy tailored to the target group and corresponding visual tools.
In a second step, we created illustrated PowerPoint presentations with minimal text: Information, contexts and strategies were conveyed in pictures, which the speakers then only had to comment on. In this way, a direct, activating approach was achieved that encouraged people to participate and think.

Specialities of the project: Making taboo topics approachable | convey a lot of information compactly | entertaining and informing | adjusting to the hybrid format

Client: Thüringer Volkshochschulverband e.V. (TVV) – (Thuringian Adult Education Centre Association), 2020

Developing communications strategies, imagery and illustrated PowerPoint presentations for digital conferences, graphic recording

Otter Experience Trail

Client: Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V., 2023

„Ein Blaues Netz im Drömling“ – Explore and experience a biotope network for the eurasian otter

Special features of the project: creation of a multimedia educational trail | linking of display boards, website, film and haptic elements as well as accompanying material | invites visitors to explore, experience and try things out

Concept, illustration and design, illustrative animated films, accompanying material

Illiberal Project-Website

Client: Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, 2022

Towards Illiberal Constitutionalism in East Central Europe 

Special features of the project: Communicating a complex, scientific project to a broad public in a simple and comprehensible manner

Click here to view the website

Concept and development of the corporate identity and website

Sandruschka’s exhibition stand

sandruschka GmbH

Let’s Grow Together 

Special features of the project: Reflecting the fun cooperations with our clients and our expertise

exhibition stand with merchandise

“Lichtwärts“ Consulting service

Client: Impuls prevention centre of the addiction treatment in Thuringia gGmbH, 2022

Supporting the strategic orientation of a consulting service

Special features of the project: Communicating a difficult topic in an open, positive and supporting manner

Click here to see the film

Logo development, illustrative animation movie, flyer and poster

ARD Creators Visual Animation

Client: ARD Kultur, 2022

Party feeling – A creative film format in graphic recording style

Special features of the project: Structure a lot of content well and implement it visually

Click here to see the film

Concept, illustrations, editing and sound

Brochure for the Thuringian vaccination campaign “Thuringia vaccinates”
Brochure for the Thuringian vaccination campaign “Thuringia vaccinates”
Brochure combination package with a holder for the Thuringian vaccination campaign “Thuringia vaccinates”
Different brochures for the Thuringian vaccination campaign “Thuringia vaccinates”
Open brochure for the Thuringian vaccination campaign “Thuringia vaccinates”
Materials for the “Thuringia vaccinates” campaign

Client: Thuringian Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family, 2019 – 2022

Campaign branding

Special features of the project: Conceptual design and content of a campaign for all forms of mandatory and recommended vaccinations for all age groups in Thuringia

Print products such as flyers, cardboard stands, posters as well as social media postings

Tools for health promotion

Client: Agethur – Landesvereinigung für Gesundheitsförderung Thüringen e.V., 2021/2022

How do we stay healthy? Explained clearly with animated film and poster

Special features of the project: Making the workings of health promotion tangible and understandable | Creating tools with which actors can pass on their knowledge

Click here to see the film

Development of communication strategy and materials: animated film, flyer and poster: concept and dramaturgy, storyboard, illustration and animation, editing and graphic design

Graphic Recording for a garbage-free world

Client: World Cleanup Day, 2021

Let’s do it! –
World Conference for World Cleanup Day 2021

Special features of the project: professional support for voluntary engagement | activating approach | central topic: sustainable and plastic-free future

Graphic recording and illustrations for blog articles

Theatre season booklet for Bühnen Halle

Client: Bühnen Halle, 2016-2018

The town as a stage – A design concept focusing on people

Special features of the project: design concept should be suitable to present all sections of the theatre as a unit | basic idea: use everyday images of people – they become actors on the big stage| also in the magazine section citizens have their say | the dust jacket of the booklet is designed as a poster or practical calendar, with registered premiere dates

Concept for the season booklet of Bühnen Halle

Anesthesia comic for children

Client: University Hospital Jena, 2016

Manchu – the super duper awesome anesthesia comic for kids

Special features of the project: explain a medical topic in an understandable and caring way | mentally prepare children and their parents in advance for anesthesia  

More informationen hier and hier

Conceptual development and dramaturgy, storyboard, illustration

Illustrations and logo development for “Möhrchen” (Carrot) activity booklet

Client: Andreas Bauermeister, 2020

Two Möhrchen activity booklets – as a supplement to the popular Möhrchen homework booklet

Special features of the project: explain the global context of climate protection and present it in picture form | encourage children to participate and develop characters that convey complex knowledge in a likeable and entertaining way 

Logo development, relaunch of characters, conception and execution of vector illustrations

Information brochure for people seeking protection

Commissioned by: The Refugee Council Thüringen e.V. und Andreas Bauermeister, 2020

Special rights in the asylum procedure –
information for protection seekers with special needs

Special features of the project: communicating sensitive topics in a cross-cultural way | illustrating complex contents | ensuring comprehensibility for non-native speakers

Content conception, illustrative coaching, illustrations, layout and typesetting

Impulse formats for corporate cooperation

Client: UPJ Netzwerk für Corporate Citizenship und CSR

In short: Explanatory films on three action formats  

Special features of the project: presentation of three methods in approx. one and a half minutes each | conveying the fun of engagement | activating and informing  

Watch “Marktplatz für gute Geschäfte” here

Have a look at “Aktionstag für engagierte Unternehmen” here

Enjoy “Nachtschichten – Kompetenzspenden für einen guten Zweck” here

Creation of 3 animated films from the first workshop to the script to the final animation  

Workshops on democracy, dictatorship and freedom of expression

Client: Memorial and Educational Centre Andreasstraße, 2016-2022

Macht aus dem Staat Gurkensalat (Make cucumber salad of the state)–
Democracy and Dictatorship in the GDR

Special features of the project: Target group adolescents and young adults | Cooperation with a museum educator

Conception and implementation of comic, print and illustration workshops

Educational materials for the otter in Drömling

Client: German Environmental Aid and Biosphere Reserve Drömling

“Above and below” –
A biotope network for the otter in Drömling

Special features of the project: Communicate environmental and nature protection sensitively but directly to the population | Create educational and promotional materials so that conversion measures are accepted by the community | Support the spread of otter and species protection

To the otterside

Design, communication and education concept, illustration, graphic design and editing

Project “Ensuring school success”

Client: German Children and Youth Foundation, 2021

Securing school success – design of educational materials

Special features of the project: Creation of a variety of illustrations for better orientation on the website | Illustration for the new podcast “Nachrichten nach dem Piep” (“Message after the beep”)

Graphic design and illustration, educational materials for internal and public use, storyboarding and implementation of opening and closing credits for an explanatory film

Visualization workshop at Bellevue Palace

Client: German Children and Youth Foundation, 2021

Workshop on the topic “Young Europe – Networking & Exchange” at the “Takeover Bellevue”

Special features of the project: Host Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Elke Büdenbender | Location Bellevue Palace | Participation of 150 youths and young adults from all over Germany | Cooperation with young moderator team in the workshop “Young Europe – Networking & Exchange

More information here and here

Creation of a workshop concept and implementation up to the presentation

Graphic Recording “Braunschweig Expert Meeting

Client: City of Braunschweig, 2021

Expert hearing on the topic of corona consequences – one-day event

Special features of the project: Remote event with representatives from politics | Experts were connected live

More information here

Analogue Graphic Recording

Conference brochure

Client: Foundation of German Business, 2020/2021

10th Forum Leadership – Conference documentation and creation of a brochure

Special features of the project: artistic documentation of a conference in symbiosis of graphic recording and poetry slam | processing into a brochure

Concept, graphic recording during the forum, typesetting and layout

Design of an exhibition on the history of the town

Client: Pößnecker City Museum 642, 2018-2021

Support the mediation of city history

Special features of the project: transporting a historical topic into the present time with a lot of creativity and making it understandable for a broad audience

Conception and realisation of the exhibition design, partly with analog painting, graphic design and illustrations

Poster illustration

Client: German Trade Union Confederation, 2021

DGB Transformation Charter

Special features of the project: harmonise concise illustration style and corporate design specifications of the client

Visual coaching, graphic implementation and illustration

Flipchart training for business trainers in education

Client: SP Consulting Jena/Michael Jahn, 2021

Training as part of the qualification to become a business trainer for team and personnel development

Special features of the project: methodically and practically sound input on the topics of flipchart design, visual thinking and presentation techniques | practical coaching  

3-day flipchart training in combination with presentation training by Michael Jahn  

Promotional material for literacy courses

Client: Adult Education Center Weimar, 2020

I can do it! – graphics and illustration in the field of adult education

Special features of the project: Addressing adults who find reading, writing and arithmetic difficult | sensitive and at the same time attention-grabbing design

Illustration, typesetting and layout for poster, postcard and advertising banner