Photograph of the sandruschka team in a big room.
Sandruschka is sitting at her desk. Next to her is her colleague Katharina.
Team member Katharina is sitting on a couch. In her lap is a laptop.
Team members Julia and Maria are standing and sitting next to an office desk.
Team member Korinna is sitting at a desk and working on a computer. In her lap is the office dog Lina.
Team member Julia sitting on a desk.
The sandruschka team is gathered around team member Korinna sitting at her desk with dog Lina in her lap.
Team member Maria sitting at a desk with a computer in front of her. She is being handed an envelope.
Team member Katharina sitting on a couch with a laptop in her lap. She is holding a stuffed animal in front of her face.

i am part of Team sandruschka, …

Illustration of Sandra Bach.


Managing Director

… because I enjoy working with meaningful projects, challenges and great people.

P   0163 264 35 41

Illustration of team member Maria


Office Management

… because here I am able to realize myself. I always learn something new and have a good-humored and super competent team around me.


P  03643 443 48 49

Illustration of team member Katha


Graphic design & illustration

… because humour, individuality and having a wealth of ideas is valued here – and because I can work regardless of location.


P  03643 443 48 49

Illustration of team member Korinna


Graphic design & illustration

… because I would rather use my skills to advance society – on whatever scale – through meaningful projects instead of selling mindless products.


P  03643 443 48 49

Illustration of team member Julia


Project Manager Communication

… because I can successfully combine family and job, I can realise my own potential and I learn a lot.

03643 443 48 49

P   0176 80 30 31 87

Illustration of team member Tina



… because here I can motivate people to become creative by sharing my knowledge and know-how.


Illustration of team member Helge


Text & Concept

… because here strategy, content and creation are thought together.

Illustration of team member Markus



… it’s a lot of fun for me to work together with a bunch of creative minds to create funny and informative animated film projects!

Illustration of team member Rainer



… because I want to help shape the internet of tomorrow.

Illustration of the office dog Lina


Office dog


Psst … please do not disturb.