Whether it be conventional graphic design, illustration, animation or web design – our work conveys what a brand or stakeholder stands for in just a fraction of a second. Our biggest strength? Conceptually thought-through, user-friendly solutions with an innovative mixture of different design elements and media formats.
Are you looking for an interactive website with illustrations, animated videos and graphics? No problem for Team sandruschka.
We are also happy to document your conferences using graphic recording – be it analogue, digital or hybrid.



We translate information into pictures

Do you find yourself at a loss for words to adequately describe your content? Is your target group more likely to react to pictures than to text? Then it is time to switch your medium. We produce illustrations for all target groups and applications,  as a digital drawing, or traditionally with pen and paper.

We see ourselves as information artists: it is our aspiration to transform social-emotional contents, facts and associations into graphic illustrations and infographics, and to weave these individual images together into a coherent visual storytelling. Whilst doing this we can either use our own standards, or we can collaboratively develop your own world – with characters and styles that exclusively represent your brand or institution.

Agency founder Sandra Bach has worked with (amongst others) the German children’s TV producers Kika and SuperRTL . It is from her mind and her pen that the character design for “Beutolomäus” and “Keks” from Toggolino (a German preschool-level TV channel and streaming website) originated.


  • Single illustrations
  • Editorial illustrations for brands, projects or campaigns
  • Explanatory graphics and posters
  • Presentation graphics
  • Graphic recordings

Graphic design

Graphic design

We give your content shape

When it comes to designing your media, we stay true to the principle that “form follows function”, because good design can be far more than a decoration or superficial frill. We understand design as a strategic tool, which can ignite and accompany change.

The first step on this journey is the concept period. This is where we establish clarity around all the relevant questions that could be important for the artistic DNA of your brand: market positioning, competition and the target group (amongst many others). Only then does our creative work begin.

We create media that use the perfect combination of typography, colour, form and imagery – tailored down to the smallest details according to your fundamentals and your brand identity. Whilst doing this, we stay informed about current trends and move with the times both technologically and aesthetically. But we also recognise short-lived hype and pay attention to longevity and sustainability.

Visual identity:

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Design
  • Branding

Print design:

  • Business documents
  • Advertisements: posters, flyers, business cards etc.tc.
  • Brochures, catalogues
  • Packaging

Editorial Design:

  • Magazine and book design
  • Exhibition and trade fair design

Digital design:

  • Web Design
  • Social media content



We bring movement to your content


Animations are more popular than ever. The most important reason for this: moving content is more visually appealing and will be watched much more frequently on social media than static graphics. When it comes to presentations and lectures, animated content makes traditional PowerPoint slides look outdated.

Do you want to increase the reach of your communications or target a younger audience? Then let’s work together to set your content in motion. With our explanatory videos, you will manage to turn seemingly dry topics into likeable, entertaining and inspiring content.

Working together we will develop an idea, come up with a concept, storyboard and script, and then artistically implement everything – including dubbing. You can then embed the resulting animations into your website, share them on Facebook and Instagram or post them on your YouTube channel.

Typical media:

  • Image animations
  • Short animations (GIFs) for Social media
  • Trailers
  • Explanatory films
  • Artistic films


  • Presentations
  • Lectures
  • Web
  • Social media

Web design

Web design

We manage your brand in the digital realm

Do you want to have a new website, app or programme created? Or perhaps you want to redo an existing page? Team sandruschka accompanies you from the first draft, to coding, all the way to the launch. During this process we place the expectations of the users at the centre of all technical, functional and design questions.

This is reflected in how we work. Our development process is not a stab in the dark, but conceptually and methodically well-grounded – preferably based on a survey of the target group. To ensure that functionality and design are working in harmony, we don’t consider coding a separate afterthought. Instead, we ask ourselves questions about feasibility, performance and suitability for all end user devices throughout the creative design process.

Our services:

  • UI/UX Design (barrier free accessibility)
  • Websites (WordPress), online shops, apps und programmes
  • Implementing content management systems
  • Optimising search engines

Programming languages:

  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript