sandruschka is a creative agency based in Weimar. We work with companies, NGOs, foundations and museums throughout the entire German-speaking world. We use many different formats: from traditional printed media to web content and TV.

Our particular strength is to transform supposedly “uninspiring”, complex topics into exciting, understandable formats – especially for our younger audiences. We do this through many forms of media such as illustration , animation (including posters, comics and films) and graphic recording.

We pride ourselves on being able to fulfil our client’s wishes whilst also passing on our knowledge (both online and in person) through didactically well-founded workshops, training programmes and one-on-one coaching: turning help into self-help.

Values – What moves and drives us


We’re not just talking about changes in the realm of work – we live these changes ourselves. Team sandruschka works digitally and decentralised. Everything that can enhance creativity and contribute to the best possible outcome is allowed.


We believe that design can achieve a meaningful contribution towards transforming our society. We believe in empowerment through creativity. Therefore, we regularly pass on our knowledge. In addition, we support NGOs as well as other key stakeholders whose concepts impress us.


Visualisation contributes to breaking down communication barriers, so that everybody can contribute to the bigger picture. This is reflected in our training programmes. We value being able to help each participant to develop their individual strengths – in an environment in which they can realise their potential.


At sandruschka we don’t like to beat around the bush. We are responsible for the substance, not merely decoration. We want to bring you forward by forming concrete questions and together achieve tangible results.



Holger Holland, World Cleanup Day c/o Let’s Do It Germany e.V.

“The great and creative team around Sandra has been our constant companion since 2018 in order to make the complex range of topics of environmental protection and sustainability explainable. Across all media technologies, we achieved all of our communication goals in an unbeatable price-performance ratio and time. This is how effective and efficient communication works. I look forward to our joint future projects.”

Der PARITÄTische Arbeitgeberverband PATT e.V.

Our strategy workshop became a success because already the concept for it was developed from the ideas of and with a lot of expertise by sandruschka. The visual representation, which was created during the event, is both helpful and permanently effective. It is a pleasure to continue working on it. Thank you Sandra, for the cooperation – we had a lot of fun! You manage to combine professionalism and humanity perfectly.


Carolin Voigt, Agethur – Landesvereinigung für Gesundheitsförderung Thüringen e.V.

“With a great deal of professionalism, flexibility and composure, sandruschka’s team managed to transform the face-to-face event “Flipchart fever – messages that stick in your mind” into a web seminar within two days. In addition to her strengths as a communication designer, business and online trainer, and moderator, Ms. Bach is also an organizational talent, technology freak, and entertainer!”


Bodo Wannow, UPJ Netzwerk für Corporate Citizenship und CSR

“For us, working with sandruschka was characterized by creativity, heart and stringency. The creative approach and above all the stories were always thought outside the box. This took the content to another visual level and conveyed the messages to our target groups in a simple yet catchy way.”

Lavinia Meier-Ewert
“When scientific facts are supposed to reach the public, they must be understandable. That is exactly what sandruschka’ s graphic novel “Laser Girl” achieved. The comic is entertaining but also precise and never too shallow. This is exactly what makes for exceptional modern research communication.”

Laurentia Moisa, Caritasverband für das Bistum Erfurt e.V.
“This collaboration was a gift! Sandra Bach is great in her advisory role as well as in her methods – the trade day could not have happened in this form without her input. Additionally, the visualisation was a stimulus for reflection of our own work and language.”

Fee Schreier, Weltfriedensdienst e.V.
“We were amazed at how well the humorous visualisations of global sustainable development opened the path for more opportunities. We developed and implemented our new concept in only four months – and even brought our target group on board.”

Philipp Ruhstorfer, IPU GmbH
“Philipp Ruhstorfer, IPU GmbH “We are repeat offenders and have already worked with sandruschkas several times. We are thrilled by how wonderfully clear and convincing the team brings our complex, communal – sometimes also “boring” – topics visually to the point and thus breathes life into them.”

Judith Mayer, Stiftung Ettersberg
“What particularly inspires me about sandruschka is the wealth of ideas. From a small request you develop a whole universe. Thank you for the beautiful projects we have been doing together since 2012. It never gets boring with you guys!”

Sarah Völker, DRK Landesverband Hessen e.V.

“After the first workshop with sandruschka, we immediately booked further appointments and were thrilled every time! We were able to implement the input directly in our projects and working methods and are already looking forward to further cooperation with sandruschka.”